Mario makes a little magic happen each time he does a shoot for me. Even when I think “this is possibly the most boring thing to shoot,” he finds a way/an angle/a something to make the shot work. Just let him loose in a room, and he is at his best!
— Mindy Lang Director, Center for Design & Typography The Cooper Union
Mario has worked on a wide range of clients for us here at Ideas On Purpose from Fortune 500 corporations to non-profit and educational institutions. In every assignment, Mario works tirelessly to capture the best images with the most variety while never sacrificing quality. Mario always strikes up a good rapport with his subjects and can capture a beautiful portrait in a timely manner. Of course, our high-level executive clients love this quality. We’ve worked with Mario in and around New York and have traveled together internationally. I only worry that recommending him will make him less available for IOP in the future.
— John Connolly Principal and Creative Director Ideas On Purpose New York, NY
Mario’s images have beauty and impact. He has provided many iconic images of the University of Vermont campus.
— Jennifer Francoeur University of Vermont
Bookhouse Group has commissioned Mario Morgado for shoots in Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and many other states. Some shoots are one or two days and others are ten days, some assignment subjects are mundane and others are complex and fluid. But without fail, Mario brings light and magic to every one of them. Further, he does so without complaint, needing no direction but happy to take suggestions, and is personable and easy to work with.

It’s not just that he has an eye for the unique angle or perspective, but that he can pull it off without going over the top. And it’s more than capturing the perfect moment. Other photographers usually stumble upon the perfect moment, a combination of dumb luck and timing. But when editing Mario’s frames, you can see that he forecast that perfect moment up 30 frames earlier. And he’s clicking away, and adjusting his exposures, and shifting his angle ever so slightly, and lying in wait until . . . yes, it’s now just two frames away . . . got it!

Anyway, I could go on . . . Lighting skills? Check. Deadlines? Nailed. Ego? Left behind in his hotel room. Would we use him again? Absolutely.
— Rob Levin President & Editor Bookhouse Group, Inc
Mario is that rare combination — a consummate professional and a talented artist. His work always exceeds expectations and is consistently a cut above the norm. Mario is a pleasure to work with on shoots, with his warm, winning personality allowing subjects to open up, which, in the end, leads to stunning photos. Equally important, he is always on-time and willing to go the extra mile in often less than ideal shooting circumstances. Mario and his powerful photographs are a major asset for any project.
— John Davey Executive Director, Digital Marketing Mount Sinai Health System
I have worked with Mario for many years and in many different contexts—from shooting physicians and scientists (not always the easiest subjects in the world) to shoots done on-the-fly at various events and lectures. He has always been a pleasure to work with and has produced consistently extraordinary results. Mario relaxes his subjects when working one-on-one and manages to bring out what is best and most compelling about them; and when shooting an event that might, in other hands, be less than exciting, manages to find and capture those moments that bring it to life.
— Celia Gittelson - Freelance writer NYC
I have used Mario for a some magazine features and I have really loved the work he did. He pitched doing a photo essay of the Robert Frost Cabin with a pinhole camera and it was really a perfect fit. He also ended up doing a pinhole shoot of the college graveyard and then narrating a video of how the pinhole camera works. Excellent collaboration!
— Pamela Fogg Design Director at Middlebury College
Mario is a blast to work with. He loves what he does and it shows. He’s at the top of my go-to photographers and I can’t wait to work with him again!
— Jiri Seger Group Art Director at Meredith
Mario Morgado is a consummate professional. I may have ideas on what I want photographed, but I try to to leave Mario as much latitude as possible because he always brings more to a shoot than I can imagine. His use of light and composition are unparalleled, applied to portraiture, environments indoor and out.
— Elise Whittemore-Hill University of Vermont
To Mario — you’re brilliant.”

To others:

”Mario’s work is distinctive, exclusive, inimitable, and incomparable (pick one, pick em all, or give me a few minutes so I can spit out some other meaningful adjectives) . He captures that mili-second in time that can’t be re-created. And he gets the essence and depth of the moment.

Photog shopper -You’re reading this because you need convincing or proof. Here’s my take.

I’ve worked with more photogs than I care to remember and for longer than I care to remember. When I found Mario, I was doing the typical search. I’d received a postcard, that I actually remember to this day. It wasn’t what I needed, but it had a potency that I hadn’t seen in a long long time. So, I took a look at Mario’s book, along with a couple dozen others and came back to him. SOMETHING in his work spoke to me.

I gave him a call, outlined what I wanted and from the conversation, I knew he was ‘in the zone.’ He offered insight, he offered ideas and I hired him sight unseen. THAT was the best thing I’ve ever done.

If you’re considering Mario, here’s what you need to know. He’s flexible. He can pull off studio work, photojournalism. Bottom line, no matter the set-up, he captures feeling, intensity, and depth. AND only his eye sees it.
You take my advice, you’ll get beautiful, no scratch that, you’ll get arousing, expressive, even disturbing photography. You’ll get energy. You’ll get essence.
— Sara Johnson McMillan Freelance Graphic Designer/Art Director
Mario can do it all....with a great sense of art and design!
— Rod Reilly Owner, Reilly Arts and Letters Inc and Photography Consultant
Mario is one of the hardest working guys in the photo biz. He doesn’t rest until he has “the” shot and several options for you too! He’s really good at what he does, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.
— Michelle Marks Owner, Co-founder, Ideas On Purpose
Mario is a first-rate photographer and is delightful to work with. He photographed our annual conference numerous times and did photos for our website. I highly recommend him.
— Reed Phillips Co-Founder and Managing Partner, DeSilva+Phillips
If you want breathtaking photos from someone who is fun and easy to work with, Mario Morgado is your man. He takes time to understand his client’s goals and identity, while shaping his photography to maximize visual communication. We’ve used him for several photo shoots and intend to have him back again soon!

Mario’s work is exceptional and portrays our institution beautifully. He obtains the perfect blend of working quickly and capturing authenticity—those little moments that are unexpected and sometimes overlooked. He puts both his subjects and clients at ease with a professional but approachable manner. I would highly recommend him.
— Carrie A. Crouch Director of Communications Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Mario is an incredibly talented photographer, a consummate professional, and an absolute pleasure with which to work. His excellent eye for form and composition enables him to consistently capture eye-catching and memorable images. Mario’s photos always added value to our publications, and I have had readers comment on the high quality of his contributions. I recommend Mario highly and would be delighted to collaborate on another project with him.
— Aliza Mansolino Gault
Mario is a master at his craft. His photographs not only show his high level of technical skill but his ability to capture the essence of his subjects. He handled portrait work as well as candid photographs of our student body and faculty tastefully. He supplied a large yet focused selection of photos for each of the projects he worked on which allowed us to make a good selection of images for both our external and internal communication plans.
— Dr. Ben Corpus. Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Baruch College
Mario Morgado always satisfies! His work is just amazing. When he submits images from a shoot, I know it will be difficult to make my selections from the numerous beautiful photographs he supplies. I’ve worked with many photographers, but Mario’s work definitely stands out. And, he’s a joy to work with!
— Jill Dible Photo Editor Bookhouse Group, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia
Mario is a fabulous photographer. One of the most talented I’ve ever seen. Over the years that we have used Mario for photographic shoots, he has yet to disappoint us. He has a good eye, and can make just about any subject look good.
— Renee Peyton Riverbend Books
MVNU has used Mario Morgado’s photography for several projects across the years and we have been extremely pleased with his creativity and flexibility with schedules. Mario puts everyone at ease during the shoots and the final product has been outstanding.
— Carlos M. Serrao, Director of Web, Video and Social Media Development Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Mario provides photography that offers a wide variety of perspectives. He is adept at analyzing the setting and figuring out what shots work best in that particular environment. His creativity combined with his technical expertise make him one of the top photographers with whom I’ve worked in 13 years in school (K-12 and higher education) communications and marketing.
— Mike Schlotterbeck Director of Marketing and Communications Moorestown Friends School
I hired Mario as a last-minute stand-in to photograph a big event for my firm, and was delighted to find that his work was first-class, working with him was friction-free, and his instinct for the important shot and the important client was amazingly good, particularly since I didn’t have more than 30 seconds to brief him. The quality of both posed shots and candids was superb and stylish, and the turnaround was fantastic. Working with him is a no-risk, high-return deal, and one of those few items on your 3am list you don’t have to worry about.
— Samuel E. Schulman Journalist; advisor to media companies, think tanks and other nonprofits on strategy, communications and marketing
Mario’s creativity with angles and viewpoints allow his photos to be selected time and again. One of the best I’ve worked with!
— Jeffrey Danowitz Dir. of Mktg. at Baruch College
Mario Morgado is an incredibly talented photographer who has always gotten
the results that I needed. He takes the most beautiful photographs and his
use of natural light is amazing. He’s also a pleasure to work with. He shot
hundreds of candid portraits for Mission Hospitals; he put the staff at ease
with his easygoing style and great personality. I highly recommend Mario for
your next project... you won’t be disappointed!.
— Kay Holmes Stafford Creative Specialist Mission Hospitals, Asheville, North Carolina
I had the pleasure of working with Mario Morgado for many years while at Middlebury College. He provided a consistent, high-quality work experience and product. His photographs are beautiful and we used them in print and electronic publications. I look forward to our next project together.
— Heather Cahill Associate Vice President, Insitutional Advancement at American International College
I had the pleasure of working with Mario back when I was a web content specialist for a cancer hospital. We worked with Mario on several occasions, but no where was his talent more apparent than during a 3-day photo shoot in our pediatric department. Mario has a keen eye for drawing out the deeper human experience, beyond the medicine and technology surrounding us. His demeanor with the patients and family members, as well as his personal sense of empathy, led to a finished product that was reflective, informative, and telling. I’d work with him again in a heart beat, whether the content was as heavy as ill children or as light as a day at the beach
— Elizabeth Hounsell
Whenever I need a photographer to shoot portraits of students or faculty, or events, or locations, or just about anything, Mario is always my first choice. Every shoot he seems to come up with several striking images. He is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Unlike other photogs i’ve worked with, Mario is always wiling to take direction on the shoot.
— Warren Schultz Deputy Chief Communications Officer
We’ve hired Mario to shoot formal and candid shots for our recording studio with tremendous results. He has great insights into how musicians work and produces images that are at once original and compelling.
— Kate Youngdahl Writer/Producer
Mario is a consumate professional who has a keen eye and sensitivity to composition. I will absolutely use him again and again.
— M.J.Rose NYT Best selling author
From his portfolio, you can see that Mario is highly skilled and very creative. What you can’t see is that he’s also extremely professional, enthusiastic about his craft, and develops a strong rapport with his clients. You will enjoy working with him as much as you’ll enjoy the final results.
— Adam Raider Author and Communications Professional
Mario is a great guy and a very talented photographer. He’s extremely versatile and can be hired for a lot of different jobs. His work is superb.
— Russ Cohen Author , "Baseball's Best Rookies"
Mario is a creative dynamo who’s attention to fine detail and his ability to extract personalty from his subject, animate or inanimate, is inspirational to see and to be around.

Never, before seeing Mario’s work, have I experienced the beauty of an image speaking to me articulately in colors and shades.
Even as a photographic neanderthal, I found that when I engaged Mario’s portfolio for the first time, it was impossible not to have a meaningful discussion with the images he shoots. Their balanced blend of rich velvet quality and yet necessary crispness is exemplary.
His shoots are electrifying, yet relaxed. To observe, or even be part of one, can be best described as witnessing “choreography of the camera
— Hugh McIvor MBA
Mario Morgado and I have worked together multiple times at several nonprofit organizations – where he captured things such as the joy of a gala, the seriousness of an informational workshop, and the fun of being a college student. Mario’s combination of incredible skill and inherent talent is indescribable – his pictures truly do speak of his photographic genius. In his ability to see what others cannot, he captures the rawest emotion, while still able to take direction. Most of all, he is fun to work with and easygoing; I always look forward to working with him.
— Jenn Becker